Gastronomia HoReCa Exhibition 2014


GASTRΟNOMIA –GASTROGNOSIA exhibition, was founded in 1995 and its main purpose is to cover the needs of Cypriot professional in thefood industry. The exhibition gives the opportunity to them to inform about the latest developments and innovations in the field of culinary, pastry and baking but also at the kitchen equipment and machines, equipment for hotels and restaurants.

Aiming to give a new lease of life this year in the area of occupational exhibition, GASTRΟNOMIA associated with the HORECA exhibition, in a co-organization of ARVANI INVESTMENTS with the Cyprus State Fair, and covering hotel equipment, organisation services, products and decoration who concern hotels.In addition it gives the opportunity to any professionals who are engaged in the hotel industry, restaurants, cafes, entertainment areas, mass catering and the food industry in general to show their products and services.

The exhibition is organized with the support of:

  • CYPRUS CHEFS ASSOCIATION:Organizes the Pancyprian competitions of cookery , pastry and baking arts and competitions for culinary schools offering the Cypriot and foreign professional his own space for contests and information but also the emergence of professional and skilful cooks , confectioners and bakers will represent Cyprus abroad in international competitions .
  • CYPRUS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY which will promote the exhibition abroad through other chambers that cooperate and the Department of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism in an effort to attract foreign exhibitors and professional visitors from mainly neighboring countries.
  • Cyprus State Fair
  • Arvani Investments

Alongside, the exhibition is supported by other professional associations such as the Union of Bartenders with its own competitions, and the Restaurants association giving a unique opportunity to all companies that deal with products and services of food industry to stand out and come in a direct contact with professionals in the exhibition GASTRONOMIA-HORECA

The exhibition is under the auspices of the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism.

The exhibition is organized every year in the middle of February or early March at the Cyprus State Fair and considers the exhibition of each professional of Cyprus in the food and tourism industry. Alongside, the exhibition opens to the public who interests to inform about tourism and food industry.


GASTRONOMIA - HORECA 2014 is scheduled for 14-17 February at the site of the State Fair in Nicosia

Opening times: Friday 5:00pm - 9:00pm, Saturday & Sunday 2:00pm-9:00pm and Monday 11:00am-6:00pm


At the Gastronomia exhibition entitled to take part company with food , drinks , coffee and coffee machines , raw materials and finished goods, culinary , pastry and bakery , restaurant equipment , hotels, bakeries and patisseries , machinery, refrigeration units , water treatment, Packaging’s , wrappings , stationery, disposable products , hygiene products , accessories, uniforms, professional vehicles , dinnerware , cookware and kitchen tools , and everything related to food, drink and equipment related to the food supply areas.

At the Horeca exhibition entitled to take part company with systems and cleaning products , indoor & outdoor furniture, mattresses, carpets and tapestries, linens and fabrics, types cosmology (amenities), equipments, swimming pool products and services , SPA, lighting, electrical equipment and lighting projects and ornaments, awnings , decks and paved , and tourist souvenirs, telecommunications systems , audio video and security software and network systems , cooling systems, heating systems, energy and environmental management , building materials , sanitary and bathroom accessories, equipment for sports and recreational facilities, services for designing and maintaining gardens , nurseries and garden equipment , and everything related to it, building maintenance and operation of hotels and tourist facilities in general.

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The exhibition was attended by professional cooks, confectioners, bakers, bartenders, owners and managers of hotels, restaurants, and people working in foodservice, hotel and tourist facilities, food arts schools, and general practitioners from Cyprus and abroad.


In the exhibition the companies which involved in the food, hotel and tourism industry have the opportunity to come into a direct contact with professionals who are interested in and present the latest developments, technologies and styles of products and services, with demonstrations and applications and seminars, and presentations from the area of ​​exposure to a different approach to the professionals. While companies engaged in the retail sale have the opportunity to give demonstrations and tasting products to the public visiting the exhibition.

The exhibition generally advertise in the media, but also in specialized magazines and websites for professionals. It will be sent invitations to professionals through our affiliate links. This year the campaign will be about 30,000 Euros and will be used:
• 4 magazines
• 4 radios
• 2 newspapers
• 1 TV channel
• Specialized websites related professionals.



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